Friday, July 16, 2010

More of the Art Show

Yesterday and today I kept thinking about some of the artwork I had seen at the art show. It was stuck in my craw and I had to write about it and draw...10 additional journal pages worth. Yep, I was just a little worked up.

Some of the little sketches came out kinda cute so I thought I would throw them up on the blog. I shall spare you my rambling thoughts on same.

A Sketchy Tour of the Art Show
(drawn from memory)


Karen Blados said...

I'm with you, a lot of that doesn't look like art to me and I'm a fan of a lot of abstract art. I've always maintained that if my dad (an engineer) could create it, it's not art. My least favorite piece ever? A strip of industrial carpet nailed to the wall in a curve at the Dayton Institute of Art in Ohio. WHAT? A close second is a large white canvas with a light blue grid ... think graph paper ... at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Laure Ferlita said...

I'm liking the leapfrog piece over the hay bales!!! ;•)

Seriously, I think if it doesn't provoke a reaction, the show judges don't think it's art. If it provokes a reaction, even a "stupid," "gross," "you gotta be kidding," "are you serious?" kind of reaction, it's in.

Pathetic but true.

Speck said...

Karen - I remember a piece I saw in a Houston, TX gallery back in 1976-77. It was a triptych of *huge* panels (30' x 12') painted a solid bright red, except for the lower left-hand corner of each where there were a few brush strokes of a faint orangey-red. I don't know how they got them in the building. I don't know why they would have wanted to.

Laure - I concur with your thoughts. I had an epiphany after finishing my little sketch-n-rant. These pieces were probably selected because they were *memorable* - for better or worse. They were still cooking in my head more than 48 hours after viewing.

My sketching abilities aren't that great, but if compared to the originals they wouldn't be too far off, meaning the details sunk into my brain and stayed there. And that was after viewing each piece for no more than 10-15 seconds.

I daresay if I were a jurist I would probably use the "If I remember it 48 hours later it goes in the show" standard.

Anonymous said...

How did you do it? I saw them all too, but would never have been able to tell you about them, much less draw them! Yes, dear readers and viewers, she caught the essence of all of them and captured verbally the whole experience. It's going to be interesting to see which ones the judge (same as the selector) decides to honor with ribbons. Honestly the worst show I have ever seen at the center. dee

freebird said...

Were they real potato chips? I have some gold-leafed tomatoes in my sketch book (from when tomatoes went sky high for a while a year ago or so). Maybe I should enter them in a show, lol.

Speck said...

Freebird - They looked like a pile of actual Pringles potato chips to me. Surely they weren't because they would have fallen all from togetherness during transit and display setup.

The gold leafed tomatoes would be contenders for sure!

raena said...

I read this right before going to bed and it prompted some strange dreams of being in museums and arguing with artists about whether a toilet in the middle of a room was art. I was stuck on, 'but did you purchase the toilet or did you make it by hand?' Yep, thanks for that. :D