Saturday, July 10, 2010

Passport & Palette Marathon

Was a couch potato all day today after I discovered a Passport & Palette marathon on Create TV. It's a series about en plein air painting. Watched the same 12 episodes over and over again. Heard a lot about shadow shapes, color notes, puzzle pieces and atmospherics.

All but one of the artists were painting with oils. Kinda gave me heart palpitations to watch them start a painting by smearing it over with color as an underpainting. My inner watercolorist was yelling, "Save the lights! Save the lights!"

I liked the freedom and abandon with which they slopped on the paint without having to worry about saving the lights - even the guy who used watercolors.

Kinda gave me an itch to paint with oils.


raena said...

I guess you have to have cable to get that. Bummer! Wish they would just run the series on the internet, as I really, really don't want to get cable!! Love your little painting!

Claire M said...

Wow - this is a beautiful scene. Wish I could take a walk and walk right into it!!