Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fly Swatter & Sketcher Business Card


A lazy Saturday with zero productivity. Spent a lot of time on the porch swatting flies. Started contemplating the lowly fly swatter and realized fly swatter technology probably hasn't changed much over the last century. Googled "History of the Fly Swatter." Yeah, I was that bored. It was too damned hot and muggy to do much else. Heat index was 105°.

Conversation between Hubby and I sitting on the porch this evening:
(long silence)

Hubby: "Sure is hot out here tonight."

(long silence)


(long silence)

Me: "Yep. Sure is."

The fly swatter was invented by Dr. Samuel Crumbine in the summer of 1905 after Kansas was plagued with flies. He was inspired by a chant at a local softball game to "Swat the ball." He exhorted Kansans to "Swat the fly."

When we were sketching yesterday I told Dee I hoped if we sketched in public enough someone would notice us and want to join us. She said we ought to have cards we could hand out. Well, I've got the stuff to get that done.

Made the first version with my name and phone number but decided I'd still rather be Speck, even in person. Also changed the title from "Crazy Sketching Lady" to the more mundane "South Arkansas Sketcher." Don't really want to frighten anyone off with my eccentricity right off the bat. I'll spring that on them on the second sketching outing.

The back of the card has this quote:
"I believe that what truly matters in the making of art is not what the final piece looks like or sounds like, not what it is worth or not worth but what newness gets added to the universe in the process of the piece itself becoming."

Excerpt from "The Artist's Creed" by Jan Phillips

Was reading the Project Runway blog and somehow got lost over on Wikipedia reading the tragic life history of Corey Haim, child star. There's an hour of my life I'll never get back.

Stumbled upon the Flickr account of a young guy and his bride-to-be from New York. In the past three years they have vacationed in Rome, Florence, Berlin, Paris and Turkey, plus San Francisco, Seattle, Vermont and Disney World. Crap, don't these people have jobs? Well yes, he's an engineer who can't spell at NBC @ 30 Rock in NYC and she's a high school teacher of inner city yutes. She looks to be in her early 20s but dresses like a 94-year-old spinster school marm. Wanted to scream at her, "Buy something turquoise for God's sake and ditch all that frumpy brown crap!"

You know I'm crazy when I scream at some stranger's Flickr account. I've gotta get out of the house more often.

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john.p said...

I like the idea of a business card. Hmm.