Thursday, June 17, 2010

Courtroom #1


Back to the Union County Courthouse for a morning sketching trip with Miz Dee. Sarah in the Circuit Judge's office was gracious and unlocked the courtroom so we could sketch.

The courtroom was huge, dark, cool, and richly appointed with gorgeous architectural details. What struck me first and foremost was the soaring (20-25(?) foot) ceiling.

It had 200 or so deep coffers with rosettes as large as dinner plates. There were about a dozen different rosette designs. Each coffer had double egg and dart moldings plus a Grecian border design. They were magnificent!

The border around each coffer had what looked to be ginkgo leaves. They may have been shells but they were painted green, so I'm sticking with the leaf theory. I needed binoculars to see them.

It took the full two hours we were there to draw this one little sketch. I should have edited it somewhat and gone to something else but I am a sucker for architectural details. I have a need to capture them all precisely.

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raena said...

Wow...the details! I would have never thought of asking to sketch inside a courtroom. Love that idea!