Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drafting Table


SQUEEEE! Today one of my life-long dreams came true...I got a drafting table! I've wanted one since I was a kid.

I always eyeball them in stores. This past year I've been gazing longingly at them on-line. I knew the ones I could afford would be crap and fall apart in a year or two. I wanted a big sturdy one and that's what I got today. It's an antique oak Hamilton and weighs a ton.

Found it in an on-line classified and an hour later it was sitting in my dining room. The guy even delivered it and help set it up. He said he rescued it from the basement of a building that was being torn down. It's been sitting in his office for a decade as a clutter catcher. He was happy to be shed of it and I was happy to take it off his hands.

It still has its mat that's in pretty good shape and a ginormous drawer to store artwork larger than I'll ever attempt. Squeee!

Now I need a chair. It will probably cost more than I paid for the table. Oh well.

I hope to move it into the office opposite my computer nest but some major rearranging must occur first. I kinda like it in the dining room though because it's bright and sunny in there and it catches the northern light.


raena said... heart just melted! I love your new table!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely marvelous purchase. Enjoy! Dee

john.p said...

Congratulations are in order! That's one fine-looking table. Some day I would like one just like it. Enjoy.

Drafting Tables Phil said...

This is a really nice looking drafting table. It almost looks like the Mayline drafting tables I've seen. Surely this style is popular as it looks great!