Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day at the Lake

Hubby and I loaded up Estelle to take her for a test drive. Hubby was tense during the drive to the lake because it was his first time to tow something as large as Estelle. He white-knuckled it for two and a half hours at 45 MPH over narrow, winding backroads with little or no shoulder. Our little 4-cylinder truck was really straining to make it up some of the hills. I was hoping we didn't throw a rod.

We arrived at the lake in one piece where we met up with Mr. Hotdog and Cindy Lou. Cindy Lou had set up a very nice day camp at a picnic table by the boat ramp. Hubby and Mr. Hotdog got Estelle unloaded without a problem and zoomed off down the lake to put her through her paces. Cindy Lou and I retreated to the campsite to read and draw.


Cindy Lou and I were sitting at the campsite minding our own business when two mallard drakes made a beeline across the lake towards us. They climbed the rocky hill and stood three feet in front of us demanding a handout. We obliged. Later that afternoon another drake with a purpley-blue head did the same.

For this sketch I only got the outline of the head and beak before the boys returned to collect us for a lake tour. I tried to remember what the ducks looked like, and really studied the blue-headed guy when he visited. Drew the rest of the duck and painted him at home from memory.

I was surprised that the ducks' bills weren't yellow or orange. They were a weird, murky greenish yellow. Was also surprised to find they each had a sharp tooth-like thingy hanging from the end of their upper bill. The wild little curl on their tails made me smile.

We ate lunch and swam in the lake, then the boys headed back out on the boat to do he-man things at fast speeds. Cindy Lou and I got in some quiet time at the camp site.

Realized there isn't much interesting to draw at this lake. Around me was rock scrabble with a few tufts of weeds poking through or tree trunks. In the distance was a band of blue sky, a band of green trees, then a band of greeny-gray water. The view doesn't lend itself to sketching.

The only thing interesting (to me at least) was Cindy Lou, or the activities at the boat ramp. Cindy Lou hides when she sees me coming with the sketchbook, so the boat ramp won.


Sitting in a campsite with Cindy Lou watching fools who can't back trailers try to launch and load boats they can't operate.

A never-ending comedy of errors.

After a long day of fun in the sun we parked the boat locally, ate some dinner, and parted company with Cindy Lou and Mr. Hotdog. It only took an hour and a half to get home since we weren't towing the boat.


raena said...

Interesting post! So, why did you not tow the boat back home? Anyway, I live in a place much like your boat launch area. I can never find anything interesting to draw!

Speck said...

We didn't tow it home so we wouldn't have to tow it back again. Less wear and tear on the boat trailer, truck and driver. This lake is the closest one to our house, so that's where we'll always use the boat. We'll tow it home this fall for winter storage.