Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cane Creek, Part 3 of 3

Once upon a time we owned seven beach towels. When we were packing to go to the lake last week we couldn't find a single one. They've been used for cat nests, packing cushioning and just simply lost during an outing.

Told Cindy Lou to keep her eye out for some cheap ones since they will surely be lost or destroyed too. She said the cheapest she's ever found were $10 and that was at the end of the season.

Found these fabulously bright and fun ones at Big Lots for $5.50 each! Woot! (Click on the image to embiggen to see the detail.)

The one with the flip-flops will be mine since it matches my bathing suit color.

(And with that dear readers, we end the bargain shopping portion of this day's adventures.)

After a brief stop at Staples to look around and exclaim, "HEY! THAT'S A HIGH PRICE!" like they do in their commercials, we left Pine Bluff and headed back to Star City. The temperature on the bank sign as we were leaving was 106°.

Stopped at Piggly Wiggly in Star City to buy steaks and other stuff for supper. When we got back to the campsite Mr. Hotdog went into Mosquito Warrior mode.

1) Spray Raid Yard Guard Fogger all around campsite including under the picnic table.

2) Light 5 mosquito coils at corners of pad (plus one for Cindy Lou's hammock.)

3) Light 3 lanterns of citronella oil.

4) Light 4 citronella candles for the corners of the picnic table.

5) Spray everybody all over with Deep Woods Off, including bottoms of feet.

Even with all that the mosquitoes were getting tangled in my eyelashes, the only place I didn't spray. These things were vicious and huge!

Just before dusk a mosquito fogger truck came through the campground. I thought Mr. Hotdog was gonna wet his pants with joy.

Thankfully we were just going inside to eat supper when it came by. Glad the steaks weren't still cooking on the grill.

When we came out after supper the campsite was blissfully mosquito-free. Mr. Hotdog kept walking around with a big grin repeating, "Mosquito truck, mosquito truck" in kind of a sing-song voice. He was very happy.

Unfortunately the mosquito truck also killed the lightning bugs. They were belly up on the ground still glowing. It was eerie.


Phew! I thought I was never gonna get finished!

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