Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bad Lids of the Garden Club

Sketching with Dee in the genealogy room at the library. We chose the location because we both thought there were fancy moldings and a highly carved fireplace mantle in there. Alas no; faulty memory x 2.

Had to find something to draw besides stacks and stacks of books. Poking around in the shelves I found a scrapbook of the local Garden Club, 1953 - 1965. *LOVED* all the fancy hats. Had to draw.

On the left, from a local newspaper clipping:
Sunday, April 11, 1965 - "Life membership in the Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs was conferred upon Mrs. Warren S. Riley at the recent convention in Little Rock. Mrs. Riley is currently serving as President of The Council of Garden Clubs."

This hat was just too outrageous. It's drawn exactly as it appeared in the photo. The altitude of that bad boy is not exaggerated. The curlicue thingy on top is hilarious. I'm sure it was the height of fashion at the Garden Club and Mrs. Riley was the bee's knees.

Mrs. Riley appeared in a number of photos throughout the scrapbook. She had quite the collection of architectural hats.

On the right, from "The President's Message" column in a statewide newsletter:
Mrs. Bruce Anthony, President, Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs, 1953. Apparently Mrs. Anthony was a local girl.

Can you imagine going out in public with a cluster of plastic grapes attached to the top of your head? How awesome would you have to be to do that???

Process notes:
I love the way the brush pen made the ringlets of Mrs. Anthony's hair. Squee! Happy accident.

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Anonymous said...

What a delightful sense of humor.
I can see why Miz Dee enjoys sketching with you.