Friday, February 26, 2010

You Can Draw!


Signed up for a Fun Ed class at the community college today. "You Can Draw!" No experience required. It may turn out to be a "draw a big circle, then draw two little circles, then draw two dots...voilĂ , it's a frog!" kind of thing. But that's OK. It will get me out of the house to meet new people who want to be creative.

Next is "Sketching Historic Downtown" for six weeks. Woot! I'm hoping this will be Urban Sketchers for Dummies. Too cool.

After that is "Intro to Watercolor" for four weeks finishing up on June 17. I'm gonna be a busy girl this spring.

Under the sketch:
This is a sketch of the photo on the art classes flyer. This seems an odd way to set up a palette.

In the box:
After yesterday's overworked fiasco, I threw the Pigma Micron 005 back in the artbox and got out the magic that is the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

Today's drawing: 5 minutes in ink, 5 minutes in paint.

That's the ticket.

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