Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old Man


I was studying on how to draw people's noses today and found this photo of an old man with an amazing face. Every craggy line told a story. He had the most amazing nose too. It had a personality all its own. Had to draw.

I liked the ink drawing just as it was. Debated on whether or not to paint it. Decided to scan it in case I tanked with the paintbrush. At least I would have something postable for my efforts.

I think I took a couple of decades off his age with the paint. He looks older and craggier in the ink drawing. Couldn't quite figure out how to fix that. Oh well, I think it turned out pretty well as long as it isn't compared too closely to the actual photo.

Process Notes:
One of these days I'll learn to draw a square to frame the subject *before* I start the sketch, and maybe I'll figure out how to draw it *straight*. Sheesh! Drew this guy right into the valley. But hey, it's a sketchbook, not fine art. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

That red thing below his moustache is not his lower lip, it's his tongue sticking out.

(Click either image to embiggen)


raena said...

I think he turned out terrific! The folds of his jacket really pop. Are you still using those crayola paint brushes?

Speck said...

Yes and no. I haven't used them lately just because I have so many art toys to chose from when I feel creative. They are not abandoned. :)

You MUST get you a Niji waterbrush. I haven't used anything else since it arrived. It's fabulous.