Sunday, February 21, 2010

My "Stuff"


Was invited to drop in on two different open-studio painting groups to see if I would like to join. One meets Tuesdays afternoons and has an instructor on hand for help if needed. The other meets all day Mondays without an instructor.

Both folks I talked to said, "Bring your stuff so the group can see it." Eeeek! My stuff was hither and yon in no particular order. Had to figure out when I drew things, date them, and get them in chronological order. Thank goodness for my blog. I need to get better about dating stuff.

I created covers and title pages for the Blog Art album and Portfolio. The portfolio is really just the loose stuff that wasn't bound in one of the sketchbooks. I didn't know what else to call it. Some of my sketchbooks didn't even have my name in them so I created title pages with appropriate info.

It's going to be scary having real people see my stuff and me see their immediate reactions. I won't be able to hide behind the safety of the anonymous Internet.

Should I introduce myself as "Speck?"

The rest of the story:
I started thinking it would be a good idea to get out of the house and find other creative, artsy people. I knew there had to be some out there somewhere.

Ran into a co-worker of Hubby's at Wally World and she mentioned her hubby was in the Tuesday painting group. Called him to find out about it. He said to come on down.

He also mentioned another lady who writes and illustrates children's books was a regular in the Monday group, so I called her to find out about that. She said come on down.

I'm a big 'ol Introvert, not a people-person. Being in a group of people saps my energy. Plus, nobody locally knows me as Speck so I can blog away on the Internet without repercussions from small-town attitudes. If I show up with Speck on everything my cover will be blown.

It sounded like a good idea at first but on the Eve of Destruction I'm experiencing a boatload of anxiety.

What have I gotten myself into???

I need Xanax.


Karen Blados said...

LOL! You are not alone and that's why I love the internet -- I can converse with others minus the fear of looking like a dork. Sure, there still might be people who think I'm a dork, but I can't see their eye rolling.

That being said, it would be nice to get out of the house on occasion and talk to people with a wider vocabulary than provided by first grade teachers. Now you've got me thinking.

Karen Blados said...

btw, the books in this post look awesome. I can't believe how realistic they are, down to the differences in texture.

raena said...

Wonderful post! The sketches are great and I think the sentiments are experienced by a lot of us here! But, I think it's something you HAVE to do! Just think of the connections you'll make and the doors that may open by knowing all of these people! And I have to say it again, these sketches are truly wonderful!

Speck said...

Karen #1 - The Internet has been my lifesaver. I think I would go insane without being able to connect to my fellow geeks and dorks. And you are a lovable dork; I grok you with no eye-rolling whatsoever.

Karen #2 - Thank you very muchly!

Raena - Thank you very muchly too! Yes, I know I HAVE to, but (big sigh) it seems like such an insurmountable task. I'm trying to put on my public smiley face and be a Big Girl with some semblance of social grace. Arrrgh.