Monday, February 8, 2010

Nana's Photos and Frames


Arrived at Nana's yesterday afternoon. Wanted to start with a small project that we could finish by bedtime. Decided to straighten up these two cubbies that contained her photos and frames. Turned out to be a big project that took four hours yesterday and all day today.

These cubbies were packed with formal portraits, photos in frames, and empty frames and easels. Forty years of snapshots are lurking in boxes hidden under the stairs. That will be a major project for another day.

Sorted all the multiple copies of portraits by person then put each sitting in a page protector for the moment. They will need to be mounted in an album in the future. Took all the photos out of the frames and sorted them into the page protectors.

Put the page protectors in some old albums that had sticky pages and tossed the sticky pages. Culled any tired, tragic, or broken frames and sent two big boxes of decent ones to Goodwill.

Now Nana can find what she needs in here without an avalanche of stuff falling out. She was thrilled.

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