Monday, February 22, 2010

Open Studio - Monday


Only two people in the studio this afternoon: Ramona and Tippy. A group of two didn't seize me up too badly. After brief introductions I sat down to sketch and Ramona was an obvious target.

She asked if I minded her looking over my shoulder while I painted. Not at all, come on over. Had a bit of show and tell on the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Niji Waterbrush.

She commented on how fast I had drawn this. Told her I go straight to ink without a pencil sketch.

She asked, "What do you do if you draw a line in the wrong place with ink? Do you fix it the next time around?"

I replied, "There is no next time. The first time is the final time. I just deal with it."

She gasped just a little and her eyes grew wide.

Uh oh. Wrong answer. Dang.

Somehow I have managed an artistic faux pas in under an hour. DANG!

There it was, the Uh-Oh moment I had been dreading, when I suddenly realize I said something I shouldn't oughta. As with similar Uh-Oh moments in my life, I don't understand *why* what I said was wrong.


I remember now why I don't often leave my house to be around other people.


Sarah M said...

I think she was gasping with admiration at your skill and your courage in drawing straight with ink. ;-) *I* certainly admire your courage in painting in front of other people.

Sarah M said...

Oh, and in case I wasn't clear, I admire your style and skill as well as your courage. :-) I just meant that I tend to freeze up whenever anyone comes near me when I'm sketching, so I admire those who willingly subject themselves to an audience while drawing or painting.

raena said...

I wouldn't let her reaction bother you a bit! There are all kinds of artists...some are sketchbook artists and some are not. This is okay! I am sure that if you wanted to sit and do a perfect painting, you could easily do it!

raena said...

LOL...just thought of something. You should have told her, "what do you mean if a line goes astray?" Like, that doesn't ever happen to me!

Speck said...

@Sarah M - Actually this was the first time anyone has ever watched me draw or paint. I really didn't think about that at the time. It didn't bother me at all because she was looking more at my method rather than the result. Had she come over to critique the result, now that would have been a different story.

@Raena - After attending the open studio on Tuesday, I now totally understand her reaction. I think it was the "There is no next time" that got her. More on that in the next post.

LOL! I snorted Pepsi out my nose at that line! Wish I'd thought of it. :)

john.p said...

Love your storyline. I think I'd feel much the same way mixing with a bunch of artists like that. Very vulnerable. It's great you're doing it. I've come to realize there will always be those that look down at my art, but probably fewer than I think. My Dad's wisdom for such times was "don't be so sensitive" and "screw them".

freebird said...

I think she was surprised someone had the nerve to just go for it! You describe all their fussiness with preparations and perfection seeking and then you go and just make lively, lovely little paintings in your journal. It will certainly make them think and therefore gasp a few times but you might be very good for them. I think they need you so don't stay home now.