Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is Your Daddy Home?


3:35 this afternoon brought the sound of three basketballs in the neighbor's driveway. The boys are home from school - Eli, who is about 5, his older brother and their cousin. Then the familiar bam, bam, bam on the front door. The older boys have given Eli the flat basketball again and he needs some air.

Hubby is Eli's go-to guy for air and Hubby loves the honor. Hubby makes a big deal of getting out the air tank, airing up the ball, having Eli test it to be sure it's just right, and checking out Eli's basketball moves. Eli loves all the attention. I'm not sure he doesn't let the air out so he can come over and get Hubby.

So, the knock on the door and there stands little Eli with his mushy ball. He looks up at me with big eyes and asks, "Is your daddy home?"

I stood there feeling rather decrepit with my gray hair and bi-focals, realizing I'm old enough to be his grandmother. Yet in Eli's eyes I'm young enough to be Hubby's daughter.

Bless you my child. You just made my day.

This little guy really made my day. I walked around the house the rest of the afternoon chuckling to myself and repeating, "Is your daddy home? Is your daddy home?" Hubby's gonna love *this.*


raena said...

How adorable! Great post and journal page to remember this!

Sarah M said...

What a day brightener! Absolutely adorable sketch, too.

Buck said...

That's a great story.

Next time Hubby answers the phone, I'm going to say, "Is your little girl home?"

freebird said...

What a cute story. I have to come back and see more of your blog. I love your painting even if you see lots of flaws in it. You are the first person I have come across that calls her husband Hubby (besides me).