Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Last Fried Banana

Arrived safely at Nana's house this afternoon. Went out for Chinese for supper. The place was deserted at the height of the dinner hour. Thought that was quite odd. There were a few tables with soccer moms and tots, but the large dining room was mostly empty.

I was too hungry to draw all the food. I was busy scarfing down anything that wasn't running away from me at that point. When the three of us finally sat back and sighed in contentment, there was one lone fried banana left on the table. So that's what I drew. Then Poppy ate it.

On the way home the streets were oddly deserted too. When we turned into a neighborhood it looked like every other house was having a party. Nana realized it was Superbowl Sunday. Poppy and I didn't have a clue, nor did we care. Nana knew because she had read the morning paper. She remembered one of the teams was New Orleans, but couldn't come up with the other one. I was impressed.

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