Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's In My Food?


An off-hand comment by Raena got me to reading all the labels in my pantry. Discovered almost everything in there has MSG in it, even things I wouldn't have suspected. I use a lot of flavor packet thingies and they are the worst culprits.

MSG doesn't seem to affect me but it makes Hubby's bedtime miserable - sleeplessness, bad dreams, restless legs. After eating Chinese his night is shot. I didn't realize I was feeding him so much of it at home.

All the foods we eat are just basic ingredients with a few spices. Need to figure out what the combination of spices are in those packets so I can make my own mixes sans MSG.

I have no knowledge of spices much beyond salt, pepper, onion and garlic. Need to find out how to use stuff like turmeric, cumin, marjoram, thyme and celery seed. And paprika. Everything lists paprika as an ingredient.

But mainly I need to rid the pantry of MSG. It causes obesity in mice. Squeak!


raena said...

LOL...loved this post! And I cracked up last night when you said you had spent an hour reading up on MSG. I almost typed back..."welcome to the Matrix!" I've heard someone say, that just because you aren't noticing any effects, doesn't mean it's not doing its harm. I'm about the same way as far as spices go. I do use fresh rosemary (only because someone gave me a rosemary bush!). I'm still learning to cook with other things! It can be difficult to make changes all at once...I would suggest doing it slowly. My husband calls it, "moving in the right direction".

raena said...

Oh, wonderful page!

raena said...

One more thing, I knew about the ranch from when I had the restaurant. We used to make it from packets. In its dry form, MSG was the number one ingredient! (meaning it has more of that than any other dry ingredient!) Yikes!

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