Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Watercolor Practice

Painting with abandon, smearing paint around to see how it mixes, flows and dries.

The little bird below started life as a pear. I showed the freshly painted pear to Hubby and he guessed it was a parakeet. I'll admit it looked more like a bird than a fruit, so I just went with it. Painted in some feetsies and a branch and Viola! a bird!


nanke's stuff said...

Your watercolors are very nice - (the pear to bird transformation made me laugh!). The riverboat sketches are nice, too, especially the 2nd one. I think architectural drawings are especially challenging because there's not much room for "fudging". nancy

Deborah said...

Great little practice pieces. The colors are fabulous and I just love the little fat bird.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this page is such fun... it speaks to the joy rather than the struggle. I so needed to be reminded of this... thank you.