Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smudge Study

Daddy was away overnight so Smudge and I piled up in bed with all manner of art supplies and watched Sherlock Holmes and Bob Hope movie marathons on TCM. We stayed up all night long (or maybe that was just me) while I cut and pasted bits in my big leather sketchbook and then doodled a bit.

Smudge was sleeping like log at the foot of the bed so it was a primo opportunity to draw her. When I finished the first sketch and was looking around for something else to draw, she awoke, gave a big stretch, and rearranged. Goody! A new pose.

But now she could sense me looking at her and wouldn't be still. Oh well, cats have never been known to be good models. The second and third poses were a bit rushed because she was antsy and I was trying to "git 'er drawn" before she moved again.

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