Monday, July 13, 2009

Cicada Husk

(click to embiggen)

Uncle Buck is a native Texan currently living in a high-rise in downtown Chicago. He is a blogging buddy on the non-arty side of life.

We talk about how we're fixin' to do stuff and tumping things over. He's the one person I talk to who knows about tanks and bar ditches. LOL!

We whoop and holler and get our Southern on.

Edit: For any non-Texans, a tank is a small body of water where cows get a drink. The rest of the world calls this thing a pond. I just realized some folks may think I'm talking about the military vehicle with the big gun on top.


Buck said...

Wonderful cicada husk! I don't know how you do it.

My grandfather (Big Daddy) used to peel those off the trees, show it to us little kids and say, "This is what happens when you don't take your naps."

BigAssBelle said...

it's lovely! did you do that? i'm amazed. i keep thinking if i could ever, ever, EVER retire, i'd start sketching again. sigh.

but dontcha just hate those critters? creepy dried out things clinging forever to sticks and such. just once i unearthed one in the garden, thought i'd faint dead away.

Alex said...

This is such a nice drawing! It's so detailed and the colors and lighting is just great, but..... >.< I don't really like bugs... brrrr

tim said...

This is an awesome sketch and concept! I took a few photos of these ( and I must say, the sketch form is so much more intriguing. I really like the way you've arranged the text around the image as well- -a wonderful poetic memento. Seriously, after having a look at some of your other sketches, I thought: you might want to consider binding everything together at some point in a theme, and see if you can sell copies!