Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Magnifying Glass

EDM #232 - Draw the last thing you bought

I have come to the conclusion that my style of drawing is cartoony.

Oh sure, I can do other styles and I will, but day to day it's probably going to be cartoony. That's just how it seems to come off the end of my pen.

I'm not gonna fight it any more.


Alex said...

Oooh I really like your magnifying glass. It's a great drawing and it'd be so practical actually when you're trying to study the details of small things and transfer those details onto your papers. Great stuff!

Sandy said...

I love your style, light and bright and fun - not cartoony to me! and this is a cool magnifier - I need one too ;-)

Lynn said...

Don't fight it! I really like your style - it's wonderful.

john.p said...

THAT explains it! I was wondering how you got all the detail in your cicada post. My eyes can't see all that detail. I just thought you were superhuman. I've heard of a nature walk guide who carries magnifying glasses to show all the wonders in nature. Gotta get something like that.

Speck said...

Thanks everybody!

This model was $12.99 at Office Depot. It has a light but it isn't very bright. The handle comes out of the base if you want to use it hand-held. It really helps to ease eyeball strain.

Anonymous said...

I like your style of sketching - it's more illustrative than cartoony.