Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paintbrush Holder

Hubby was smart, he came inside in the cool to drill the holes. He made me go back out in the 107° heat to do all the sanding. I decided not to paint or stain the block. With the way I splatter paint the raw wood should develop a pretty interesting patina after a while.

Yesterday I read a blurb from a watercolor instructor who said the biggest mistake beginning watercolorists make is they use too much water. It makes the colors dull and pale. So today I got the paint just wet enough to spread and flung some bright, bold color. I like it a LOT! If I could just get my scanner to show it. Sigh.

I still have to find the correct formula for shadows that my scanner will recognize! They are a nice purpley-gray in my journal today but came out this weird sandy brown color in the scan. Ugh. In the last few journal entries the shadows scanned just fine. Some mixtures scan correctly and some don't. I guess I need to do a color chart scan test.


Lindart said...

Love your sketch and your idea! You could color-code your brushes to pop them back in the right holes.Color the brush and the hole.

Speck said...

What a fabulous idea!!! I'll do that. Thank you!

Rock Kyndl said...

I like this one.