Friday, July 31, 2009

Baubles of Flesh

Couldn't get to sleep again. Found this squinty-eyed preacher man on early morning TV who had the most interesting wrinkles around his mouth. He stayed in the same position long enough to get a decent sketch.

I think the U.S. flag lapel pin is a de rigueur accessory for preachers nowadays. Heaven forbid someone think them unpatriotic.

Showed the sketch to Hubby. He said, "Oh! Walter Cronkite!"



Willym said...

I hope you smack him lovingly but just enough to hurt when he makes comments like that!

Speck said...

When he isn't close with his guess, I make a little squeal of disappointment. I think that hurts him more than if I smacked him. His only goal in life seems to be to make me happy, so when he thinks he has disappointed me it pains him to his core. He's a big ol' sweetheart.