Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Art Supplies

I love it when a box from Dick Blick arrives on the doorstep!

The "Paint with Jane" watercolor starter kit included the little 10 half-pan watercolor travel box and mini brush, eight 5x8 greeting cards made of heavy watercolor paper, a how-to CD, and a black marker for $12.97. (On clearance - 65% off!)

Immediately threw the marker away - it was crap. The cards will be cut in half to make 16 sheets to paint on. The paints in the travel pan are student grade but I can use them for adding bits of color in my journal. May watch the CD if my computer will behave.

All I really wanted was the empty travel pan to put my own paints in. Purchased separately it would have been $14.53. It was cheaper to buy it in the kit plus I got 16 sheets of nice Fabriano watercolor paper to boot. The paper, purchased separately, would have been $2.99. I have to stretch the budget these days.

I have no explanation as to why I purchased different brands of watercolors. I had them in my wish list on DickBlick and dumped the whole list in the cart when I bought the painting kit. I suppose I had my reasons at the time.

Love the square Hand-Book journal. The square sketchbook I'm using now is spiral-bound and has micro-perf pages that are in danger of being ripped out if not handled gently. I've read good reviews of the Hand-Book on the performance of the papers under inks and watercolors so I'm hoping I love that aspect of it too.

A very good day! Yay!


Owen said...

Hey, there it is, your new square HBAJ and it's obvious you've been using it well. :) !

Brandon said...

At my last company they opened a Dick Blick right down the street, I spent way to many lunch breaks there buying stuff.