Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Waiting for Chicken

Then she turned, squealed, and gave me a big hug. Uh Oh. Think, think, who is this girl???

When the squealing and hugging was over I had to confess to her I had no idea who she was. Turns out she was a workplace bud of Hubby's from a few years back. I had met her eons ago but didn't recognize her, only her name. Before all was said and done she squealed and hugged just about everyone in the place.

Process notes

While I was waiting for Hubby to work his way down the line, I was studying her french braid and soft tendrils of escaping hair. Oh, oh, oh, I so needed to draw that.

I calculated the pace of the line and figured I could get in a quick sketch of her and her curly haired companion before we got to the order window. They were engrossed in conversation and completely oblivious to me standing behind them. I had just pulled out my emergency sketchbook when the hugging and squealing started.

We all visited until we got our orders placed, then sat down to wait. Miz French Braid was chatting up a couple right by us, so I got a good view of her braid again. Filled in the curly haired lady from memory (she had since disappeared).

The guy leaning on the cabinet pondering his supper choices really had a pointy head like that. I drew it as I saw it but the drawing looked too pointy for reality. Did a surreptitious double check of the guy, then the drawing, then the guy again, and the drawing, and yep, his head really was that pointy. Yikes.

The young couple on the left had a new baby with them. The girl had the most beautiful long, sleek, black-almost-blue hair. Gorgeous.

The old guy sitting across the dining room waiting on his order realized I was drawing him and I think it made him nervous. Sorry dude, didn't mean to worry you.

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