Sunday, November 1, 2009

15 Seconds of Fame

I was thrilled and honored to find my little sketch blog had been listed in a article "10 Inspiring and Idiosyncratic Sketchblogs." Woot!

Author Katherine J. Chen wrote:

"Speck’s artwork is surreal and imaginative, yet also grounded in everyday reality. On the same page, she can draw a purple Sleep Monster as well as a quick sketch of the local DMV. Her drawings and watercolors are usually labeled with captions that personalize her work, followed by her own scathing criticisms of each piece. Speck covers a wide variety of seemingly random objects that ultimately only enrich her blog, from giraffes to paintbrush holders to studies on Albert the Dog-Nosed Fish."

Very high praise indeed! Thank you very much Ms. Katherine!

I was doubly honored to find I was included with a group of professional artists whom I greatly admire: Anthony Zierhut, Andrea Joseph, and Bill Fehr. Wow! These are enormously talented people and then there's little ol' me. I stick out like a turd in a punchbowl! LOL!

Thank you Katherine Chen and for making my day a whole lot brighter. Now I'm going to dog paddle to the edge of my bowl, dry myself off, rub a few crayons on some paper, and try to live up to my newfound reputation.


Crazed said...

Congrats!! You are very talented and I'm glad someone of knowledge recognized this!

john.p said...

Ya done good . . . and deserved!