Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lizard Toast


A green anole in his death throes, belly up on the doormat. Another victim of Cheezburger the Porch Cat.

Cheezburger brings us the remains of his garden hunting expeditions. He leaves them on the doormat for us so I always have to watch where I step when I go outside.

If they aren't quite dead yet, Cheezy will drop them in his food dish for safekeeping until they stop kicking.

Hubby found this one in the food dish earlier. When I asked if he was still alive, Hubby said, "Naw, he's toast" and threw him back in the garden.

Cheezy apparently retrieved him and left him on the doormat, again.

I was going to bring him inside to draw, but then he twitched. I felt sorry for the little guy but he was too far gone to rescue.

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john.p said...

Our outside farm cat would 'share' his kills such as mice, rats and an occasional baby bunny. Sometimes just half a critter. Messy. Glad to see this behavior is shared with other pet carnivores. Love the sketch.