Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Sewing Hoard

When I said "I gave her permission" it means she felt an obligation to hold on to those old fabrics simply because they were given to her. She thought she would hurt other people's feelings if their gift was given away. I tried to assure her that it would be OK to pass them on. They were given to her in the hope they would be used, so by keeping them forever she was dishonoring the gift in a way.

That may be some crackhead psychology, but she gave all that old crap the heave-ho. Mission accomplished.

All the quilting fabrics will go into tubs too as soon as we buy some.

Process notes:
I was going to call this "The Sewer's Hoard" but that just looked all kinds of wrong. :)


john.p said...

This would be funny if it weren't so true. My mom and wife both quilt. Mom hoards fabric from her mom, who got hand-me-downs from relatives and friends, because everyone knew Grandma collected scraps. My wife is the only seamstress in the daugher/daughter-in-law collective. Guess who will probably inherit this fine collection?

Speck said...

John - My heart goes out to you darlin'.

My only suggestion is that you tell your wife that ALL fabrics she inherits MUST be laundered before they come into the house. Otherwise your house will smell like an old lady's house and that smell will get into everything. Make Wifey tote around all the unwashed material in the backseat of her car until she washes it. If you're lucky she'll get frustrated and stop by Goodwill one day and donate it. :)