Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mel's Seafood

Went to the meat market a little too early this morning so I had to wait for them to open. Did a bat turn in their parking lot so I could face the buildings across the street. A fine time to sketch!

But did I bring my sketchbook? No! I even thought about it walking out the door. "Oh, I won't be gone but five minutes. No need to go back and get it." Wrong.

But luckily I ALWAYS carry my Little Red Emergency Sketchbook (3" x 4") and a Pigma Micron Double-ought Five just for such occasions. Sketched my little sketch, bought my slab o' beast, then came home to paint.

If you're wondering what that red blob is on the front of the building, it's a ginormous crawdad. Mel's is a Cajun seafood place.

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