Monday, May 2, 2011

At the Oil and Brine Museum

Out Urban Sketching again today with Miz Dee and Dee's #1 Son. It was a cold and icky day weatherwise so we took shelter in the museum.

I started with this drawing of an oil well drilling bit.

Wandered upstairs in search of something interesting to draw. Looked over the balcony railing and found #1 Son down below absorbed in drawing an old truck.

My spot on the balcony was in almost complete darkness. I could barely see my sketchbook, much less the lines I was drawing. This little sketch took no more than five minutes to draw and paint. I was trying to be very, very quick and quiet so #1 Son wouldn't notice me up there.

I thought the sketch turned out amazingly well for the situation. It taught me that I obsess over details too much and that I should trust my instinct and hand more than I do.

I finished off the day with a sketch of this old Republic Truck, circa 1924.

I seem to pick a lot of all-black stuff to draw. Makes it kinda boring to paint. One of these days I'll get the courage to paint something like this using bright purple and orange. That would be fun.

And I picked up a postcard for a penpal in Pennsylvannia.

A good time was had by all!


freebird said...

Wow, that was a really good exercise for you. Your quick sketch of your son is great.

Speck said...

Thanks! Oh, #1 Son will love your comment! He's actually *Dee's* #1 son and just a tad older than me. But I would be proud to claim him as kissin' kin because he's a sweetie.

P.S. - I just edited the first sentence for clarification of maternity. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes...I was amused. :)

#1 Son

(And that is my designated birth order, not a reflection of preference, as my Miz Dee loves both of her boys with equal fierceness.)