Sunday, May 1, 2011

EDM #101 - Draw a Bar of Soap


Marie Osmond - Vintage Vanilla

Who knew Marie Osmond was hawking soap? Bought this bar the day Liz Steele announced the EDM/EDiM challenge list for 2011. It was fate. It's been sitting on my desk waiting to be drawn since then.

Wow this thing smells loud! Almost giving me a headache. Can't imagine how loud it will be once unwrapped.


freebird said...

It looks nice. When I read "bar of soap" on the list I decided this project wasn't for me as all I could think of was the mostly used bar on my bathtub ledge. Boring. Now I see your pretty bar and I just saw Jennifer Lawson's bar in her hands with the sink in the background and realized I wasn't thinking very creatively. Your bar looks like a pretty gift bar worthy of a drawing. Nice job!

Speck said...

I was lucky that I happened to buy this bar then came home to read the challenges. Otherwise I would have been drawing a crusty sliver of blue Irish Spring.

The next challenge is a yawner too. I *had* to do something weird with it just so I wouldn't be bored. Working on it now.