Sunday, May 1, 2011

Creativity Happens Here

When my desk is clear so is my mind. Nary a single creative thought finds purchase.

But when my desk is messy, it becomes fertile ground for all kinds of creativity. It's as if my imagination sprouts from beneath the piles of crappage.

Why is that?


freebird said...

I don't know but it works the same for me. Yours really doesn't look too, too messy. It looks like you can still find what's underneath it all.

Speck said...

It's not too bad right now, just a couple of layers, just about the right level of junk to spawn ideas.

In the past it has gotten to the level where I couldn't see the desk or tabletop. Man, I had to stop and clean at that point. I couldn't find my stuff in the stuff!

Laure Ferlita said...

There does seem to be a fine balance between too clean and too messy for the good stuff to start flowing. I'd say your image shows "a frozen moment" in the process rather than all out mess. Process inspires me. Mess just irritates me.

Fun to see your space!

Speck said...

Laure, I think you nailed it. This is process featherings for my creative nest. True mess is when I have to rest my arm on a 6" stack of papers to use the computer mouse (seen on far left.) At that point I get stymied.

Julie (O-kami) said...

What kind of watercolor set is that you have on your desk?

Speck said...

Julie - The short answer is it's a Raphael Watercolor Travel Set palette. Here's a link to a close-up photo and too much info about it: Sketch palette detail on Flickr