Sunday, May 1, 2011

Evidence Photo

(cue little girl sing-song voice)

Sittin' in the junk yard,
Sketchbook on my knee,

I would have never imagined I could be deliriously happy sitting in a junk yard in the wind and rain for three hours, but here is the photo to prove it. That's me in yellow and my intrepid sketching partner Miz Dee in blue.


john.p said...

Aren't we a strange lot? I find the same joy and my better half can't see it. It drove me NUTS visiting our son in Seattle for the first time and seeing all the sketch potential and having no time to just sit and sketch!

Speck said...

My Hubby is the same way. He can't sit still for more than five minutes. Trying to sketch with him in tow is impossible. If we are somewhere *he wants to be* and he sees the sketchbook come out, he suddenly is ready to leave. Sigh.