Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Woot! Sold my first two pieces of artwork! I was more than a little stunned at that turn of events, considering I didn't want to sell them.

Our local arts center had a membership show and competition. Most of my artwork is bound in my visual journal and runs across a 2-page spread. I didn't have anything frameable except the last few Urban Sketches I've done which were bound in a spiral sketchbook.

I did want to support the arts center with the entry fee and some artwork so the gallery walls wouldn't be so nekkid. Support your local arts!

So, with chagrin, I cut the sketches out of my sketchbook, matted and framed them. I tagged them with a price I didn't think anyone would pay for a sketchy-sketch. To my amazement they both sold!

Arrrggghhhh! I actually wanted to keep them. I rillyrilly didn't think they would sell.

The lady at the arts center told me that they could have sold at least 6-8 prints of Elm Street Bakery if they had been available. Oy. I have no idea how to make an arty print.

Here they are, matted and framed:

Elm Street Bakery

Hammond Shed

To the unknown purchasers:

Thank you so much for buying my little sketches and supporting our little local arts center. I hope they bring you much enjoyment.

When visitors look at them, tip their head to one side, and with a puzzled expression say, "They're so......" and struggle for the right word....


Quirky is the word they will be searching for there.

Just trying to be helpful.



freebird said...

You sold a couple of great sketches! I do hope you took a scan of them first. If not, make sure you do that in the future. Then you still have the pictures even though the original sold. Maybe you could help out the arts center by even offering prints of some other of your sketches. You are better than you think you are.

Laure Ferlita said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! That's awesome!

(Sorry they sold though, hope you took good scans of them!)

raena said...

Oh congratulations!! Do you have a scan good enough to run prints off? It looks great in that frame with the green mat board!