Monday, October 25, 2010

Hammond Shed

Miz Dee has dragged me out into the middle of nowhere to sketch a barn she spied and wanted to draw. The barn was a bit overwhelming, so I opted for the little shed next to it. I intended to add color to this when I started but got caught up in the visceral pleasure of crosshatching. Decided to just leave it as a pen and inker.

We were out on the old Hammond homeplace. Miz Dee said, "Oh I know these folks! I'll go knock on the door and ask permission to sketch the barn."

She did, but the Hammonds had moved away long ago. Dee started chatting up the current resident and by the end of the conversation Dee had convinced the lady that they were related somehow, third cousins twice removed on her husband's side or something like that.

By the time the poor lady had processed what Dee had told her and realized her husband didn't have any cousins, we were long gone. Dee is crafty like that. I stood back and marveled at the skill of a master. (grin)

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Speck said...

Warren wrote:

You just crack me up. I love reading your posts.

And you need to know somethin' about my Mom...she learned from livin' with my Dad for 50-plus years, that there is no such person as a "stranger". Good luck staying "anonymous" on your outings!

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