Thursday, December 9, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

Hubby got out today and worked on refinishing the headlight lenses on his truck. They are plastic and had gotten yellowed and cloudy because of time, heat and sunlight.

When he was finished they looked brand new.

Process notes:
Hubby's truck isn't really that icky color. I was trying an experiment with the watercolors by painting in the shadows first, then the color. It was a big fail. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


freebird said...

I paint shadows in first quite often as the top color can bleed if you add it later depending on the color. I tried to add a shadow on top of ultramarine blue and white stripes and the blue bled out of the blue areas and into the white leaving a mess so I try to figure out which way to go with shading and what color to use for it too.

Nice sketch of the truck!

Speck said...

I watch Scheewe Watercolor Workshop on PBS. One day she painted in all the shading and shadows first with ultramarine, then painted yellows and golds on top of that without any liftoff or blending. How did she *do* that??? Maybe she was painting with acrylics that day and I missed that part. LOL!

Maybe the trick to doing it with watercolors is to paint the shading very, very thinly and let it dry *completely* before going over it with the next color. I'm too impatient.