Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Carol Tree Ornaments - The Result

Read the background story here: "Carol Tree Ornaments - The Process Story"

O Holy Night

I thought the snow came out awesome! Thank you Bob Ross and PBS! Happy little trees and happy little snow where happy little bunnies live.

This is the back with a single happy little bunny track:

Ave Maria

I just started painting shapes on this one without an underlaying sketch or nuthin'. Turned it into Mary.

My concept on this one was a Middle Ages Greek Orthodox religious icon box, heavily gilt, with lots of carved doo-dads. Those things have a specific name which escapes me at the moment.

Needless to say portraiture is not my strong suit. She had a big ol' punkin' head. I hid it with the halo. The original halo looked like a huge, glittering sistahgirl afro. Had to break out a compass to fix the circle.

Hubby said she had alien claw hands. True, but I wasn't going to fix 'em. They'll be at least ten feet up a 24-foot tree, so they didn't worry me much. Nana asked if I was going to paint Baby Jesus in her arms. Um, no.

She's supposed to be touching her heart. That heart-touching thing may be post-Crucifixion symbology. I'm not up to speed on religious iconography, so you'll have to cut me some slack here.

The back:

I wanted to paint the back of Mary with her robes hitched up just a little bit to reveal a pair of bright red hightop Converse tennies and white crew socks. Hubby said that would be sacrilegious and that I should just stick to a wood panel look. Dang.

Good King Wenceslas

This is supposed to be a stained glass window. Got one good hand, one shriveled alien claw hand. Progress!

I was running out of steam creatively when I got to this one. I think it may be bordering on Brownie Scout project with all the gold paint pen lines. Oh well, ten feet up the tree no one will notice.

The back, wood panel again:

I thought these came out great considering I was working with unfamiliar materials and under a time crunch. They aren't Great Art and will only be around for this season, then they're going in the dustbin. The folks at the art center were happy with them and I had fun making them. Glad I don't have to do any more though. :)


Laure Ferlita said...

They're wonderful! Love the fact that you simply "went with it" and the results are fabulous.

Personally, I'd of liked to have seen the red tennies!

Speck said...

Warren said...
What a fun project!! Love the "re-cycle" approach.

And I, too, think the Red Tennies would have been totally fine...they'd be Christmas Colors, for heaven's sake. Joseph would have wanted to trade in his sandals for a pair, too...long walks with hot desert sand tween your toes ain't no picnic, when there's no room in the Inn.

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freebird said...

If the tennies would be sacriligious then some of the depictions Father Andrew Greeley describes in his novels would be too. He has Mary sitting outside a cafe in one of his books with homemade chocolate chip cookies for the main character of the book!

These came out terrific. I love the book shape for them also. You have a good eye for picking something like that out of everything that was available especially since it wasn't the same idea you went in with.

Speck said...

Thanks Freebird for the "good eye" comment. That's high praise. When I saw this book, I could "see" Mary in the heavily gilt icon box. Whooda thunk that a pink pig's gnawed bedknob could be so inspiring??? There's magic in everything. :)