Friday, December 4, 2009

Steve 1

Painting the baby shower invitation Wednesday sapped me of all my creative energy. Didn't feel like drawing or doing much else these past two days.

It was cold, gray and nasty outside - below freezing temps and snow forecast for tonight.

Process notes:
Practicing people sketching from Flickr photos again. Unfortunately I aged this poor guy by 15 years and gave him a huge Burt Lancaster chin and jaw. Everything around the mouth is just too heavy. His nose really doesn't have that big bump either. Bless his heart, he really is a cute guy.

Would like to try him again to see if I can get closer to reality. This sketch was done with a PITT brush pen which was probably my first mistake. Don't know if I'll ever get comfortable with brush pens. Think I might go to the opposite extreme on the next attempt with a Pigma Micron 005.

What went right:
His hair. The shape and color of the hair came out great. That's about it.

Photo used with permission, courtesy of Stephanie E. Amesse, "seamesse" on Flickr, and Steve.

With sincerest apologies to Steve.

Update 12-6-09:
(big sigh) Attempted drawing Steve four more times and each drawing was worse than the last. A portraitist I am not.

Finally glued a copy of the photo over the last attempt and wrote an acerbic note about the process underneath. I must admit defeat and move on.

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