Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Craptastic Doodles

Decided I hate the paper in my square Hand*book journal. Also detest PITT brush pens. Both are now living by my TV watching spot where the only things to sketch are Hubby, cat or TV. Will sketch them over and over until ink and paper are used up.

First sketch of Hubby. Looks nothing like him but bears an amazing resemblance to old college philosophy professor...

Hubby got up to get ready for work so I drew his abandoned newspaper and specs.

Looked up the professor in old college yearbook because Hubby didn't remember him. Got lost in a trip down memory lane.

Sorority girls all dressed in high collar white blouses with little ribbon bow at neck, tweed blazers and long plaid skirts. Hairdos for girls = Farrah Fawcett; for guys = David Cassidy. Glad those styles are gone.

Found a pic of two girls in a skit and drew one. She actually came out recognizable.
Scanned and printed the craptastic doodles and pasted them in my journal. The journal page came out pretty nice considering the meager topic.

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