Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas at the Campground

Mr. Hotdog and Cindy Lou were camping this weekend and the campground had a Christmas lights decoration contest. They invited us to come see, eat a hotdog, take a hayride, and vote for their decorations.

They also invited dozens of friends and I kept bumping into people in the dark. It was very hard to see and almost impossible to draw. But I brought my itty-bitty booklight so I could see my journal, because, ya know, I have to draw stuff.

This is Jimmy, Tommy and Mr. Hotdog around the campfire. It was bitter cold, lots of cammo hunting clothes were layered on, and everybody had a silly hat. Except me.
The campfire flames were blue and green from a copper pipe in the fire. It makes the fire look really cool.

Cindy Lou has an addiction to kitschy lights. The last set had little cars with Airstream trailers. This set just has the Airstreams.

The neighbors across the road had Christmas light globes made of clear plastic cups. Hubby loved the blue one. I think they're tacky. Hubby wants me to make one for next year. I don't think so.

These neighbors also had an annoying electronic beepything beeping out Christmas carols. After listening to that crap for an hour I was ready to get out the shotgun and put either the beepything or me out of commission.

At the end of the road in the campground was every inflatable Christmas googah known to man. I'm not a big fan of these things either. At least they didn't beep music.

I didn't draw The Hotdog's campsite. There were way too many people in it. They had Santa's Workshop with Santa inside surrounded by big lollipops, life-sized white plywood reindeer, Mr. & Mrs. Claus next to a giant toy sack (the 55-gal trashcan, wrapped appropriately), a dozen lighted Christmas presents, two dozen candy canes, a Christmas tree made entirely of lights, and a lighted Santa emerging from a chimney on top of the camper. This was all in addition to miles and miles and miles of regular Christmas lights festooning every available edge, including the edge of the ground around the campsite. It looked awesome.

They won FIRST PLACE!!!! WOOT! Congratulations!

Cindy Lou was stunned and didn't believe it at first, but when the shock wore off she broke out in a grin. And what a grin! I didn't know her little bitty face could grin that big. She probably grinned herself to sleep that night.

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john.p said...

Why, just this weekend we happened to drive by an active campground near Topeka and wondered how it would be to spend Christmas in a camper. From what you show, they have fun, too. My mom does the copper pipe thing when we camp together. My daughter has a thing against the holiday inflatables, too. I like you post.