Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crap be Gone


Dehoarding tchochke that has been packed away in the storage unit since June 2006.

Sheesh! Why am I hanging on to this junk???

Found a file on my computer last night "Knickknacks in Storage 6/30/2006" that itemized junk in three big boxes stored in a rental storage unit. HOLY COW! I've been paying to store this crap for 3 1/2 years!

Found another file of "Family Mementos" (one box) that was stored at least a year before that. I know there is another huge box of stuff that I didn't bother to itemize that got dumped in there 18 months ago.


With the exception of one or two things, all of this crap is leaving my house/storage unit. We retrieved three boxes today and went through them. Family has been notified of pending Goodwill donation and they must speak up if anything has sentimental value to them or forever hold their peace.

A few things are sentimental to me: things from my childhood, Mom and Dad's stuff, or my grandmother's things. Those I will draw in the coming days and tell their story, then out they go. I am keeping the memories but chucking the stuff.

I have watched far too many episodes of "Hoarders" and "Clean Sweep."


john.p said...

I can relate oh so well with your efforts. I hoard. The wife is a minimalist (except when it comes to quilting and sewing gear and material). It's a source of tension. But I'm softening up in my old age and I'm pitching more. If feels good, doesn't it?

Speck said...

Life is so much easier when you aren't burdened with *stuff*. Hanging on to old stuff and related memories doesn't leave room for new memories.

Once upon a time I moved across country and took nothing but my toothbrush and underwear. The sense of freedom, potential, and adventure were awesome. I highly recommend it.