Thursday, April 7, 2011

Royal Phone Booth

From the church to the downtown drinking establishments! Miz Dee and I opted for staying outside to soak up some sunshine and atmosphere.

I've always loved these old-timey phone booths that dot the downtown area. The view I really wanted to draw of this one would have had me sketching in the middle of the street. Phooey. I'm sure the local constabulary would have frowned on that. Plus, I don't have enough life insurance to play in traffic.

Process notes:

I need to find a different method for rendering tree canopies. Mine look like they were drawn by a second-grader. Sigh.


freebird said...

I love your painting, especially the buildings and phone booth. Phone booths are becoming a historical artifact I think!

Can't help much with the trees. Maybe pick three shades, dark, medium and light and just map out the areas that you see when you squint? I haven't had much practice with trees. I don't think yours detracts from your picture as it's more of a backdrop/fill-in. The buildings command all the attention.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

If you figure out trees... please please please share the trick to doing them... mine are all horrid yours aren't that bad.... but I know what you mean about needing a good 'shorthand' that says tree.

Speck said...

I've pondered a bit on the tree thing. I think what isn't working is the branches in the middle of the leaf blob. No branches would have been an improvement.

Next time I think I'll try a different outline too, maybe a series of 'u's or 'w's, like this uuuuuuu in little curved clusters. I read about that somewhere. Will have to go find it again.