Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter at the Farm

Clan Speck had a gathering at the farm today. There were lots of people to see and lots of roast beast to eat. After my turn on dish detail I escaped outside to be where other people were not.

Curled up on the truck tailgate with my new Pentalic sketchbook and got to sketching. This is the garage of the farmhouse.

A niece came running up with something cupped in her hands. She opened them to reveal this little guy. He was about an inch and a half long:
Me: Oh, what a cute little frog!

Niece: *tsk* It's a TOAD! (eyeroll)

Eyerolling runs in the family apparently.

She put him on the tailgate for me to draw. He sat amazingly still while I sketched.

Niece (looking over my elbow while I'm sketching): Don't forget the breather bumps behind his eyes.

Me: Breather bump things...done!

How did she know those were breather bumps anyway???

I moved my perch from tailgate to overturned bucket to draw this stump hole in a pecan tree. A Virginia Creeper vine (or maybe poison oak) was growing from the hole. Those spiky grass-like plants are supposed to be iris.
The farm doggies like it when I sit on a bucket. I'm at their level and gets lots of *very* helpful slobbers while I'm drawing. Ewwww!

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Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Kids are so smart these days... breather holes... who knew? Great sketches.