Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Church Furniture

This is the last of the church sketches. I struggled with what to call this furniture grouping. Different churches have widely varying terms for all the bits and pieces and areas in their services. I could be in religious land mine territory here if I refer to things by the wrong name.

We decided the stand-up thingy with the microphone was a pulpit and not a lectern. I would have called the table thingy an altar, but it was on the floor and not on the stage with the pulpit. Discovered this is a "communion table" for this particular church.

A few phone calls later I had even more names for the same things.


I guess I should just call this "church furniture."


Tom King said...

I was cruising blogspot blogs on a whim and stumbled on your weblog. I like your drawing style. Do you draw professionally? The reason I ask is that I write children's books now and then and was looking for an illustrator/partner for a project - someone to split the royalties with for a spec project (assuming we earn any royalties). Anyway, your style had just the quality I was looking for. If you're interested, contact me at twayneking@gmail.com . If not, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...."

Do like the drawings, though.

Tom King - Tyler, TX

freebird said...

Nice sketch in spite of the naming difficulty, lol.

Speck said...

Tom - No, I don't draw professionally. I just sketch for the sheer enjoyment of putting pen to paper. I don't have the tools or technology to produce a drawing for publication. That takes specialized stuff I do not possess. But just the offer is high praise. Thank you!

freebird - Thank you too. My waterbrush decided to die in the middle of this sketch so I was having a hard time getting paint on the page. This was a sketch that did not want to be drawn I guess. I wrestled with it on-site and I wrestled with it trying to get it blogged. Phew! Let's move on to the next one!