Friday, August 14, 2009

Minty-Fresh Goodness

The finished product, just as cute as can be:


john.p said...

So, was it worth the efforts? I've seen a video on the coptic binding, too, and I have the same urge to do it. Is this a subliminal mind control thing?

Speck said...

Yes, it was worth the effort. It was deeply soul satisfying to know that I could make something from nothing with my own hands.

As I was stitching away, I imagined some gnarled old man in the Middle Ages working at the art of bookbinding by candlelight. Somehow knowing that it's been done this way for centuries made me feel more in harmony with the time-space continuum.

Yes, it was worth it, not for the book it produced, but for the process.

And, Yes. :)