Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cheezburger the Guard Cat

After failing so badly at being painterly, I retreated to the safety and security of drawings cats in pen and ink.

This is Cheezburger's attack position. He may look like he's lounging, but his eyes are open and he is scoping out his territory for interlopers - squirrels, cats, coons, or the mailman.

He hangs his head off the edge of the porch to get a sightline down the front of the house behind the bushes. There might be some ninja crickets or lizards down there needing to be repelled.

Cheezy actually likes the mailman because the mailman thinks Cheezy is a cool cat and pets him every day. The mailman's arrival is the high point of Cheezy's afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Excellent drawing of the Cheezburger. Mike

Speck said...

Thank you Mike!