Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fail Book 1

Dug a slightly used Mead Primary Composition book out of the trash in my BIL's elementary classroom. A few pages had been torn out of the front. Figured I could doodle in it late at night when I'm not trying to draw *something* but having fun drawing *whatever*. Sometimes I don't want to have to work at it.

Anyway I thought the book would be good to practice drawing eyes. I can't seem to get eyes right for some reason. So, I drew an eye. Fail. Drew a nose. Fail. Crap, I'm just gonna doodle.

I've been wanting to draw Neptune's Fountain but it was overwhelming. I've stared at the photo for so long I practically have it memorized. So I doodled it. Dang, it came out pretty good. Then I drew the Space Needle. It didn't suck.

Then I went back and scribbled some more on the nose figuring it couldn't get any worse. Dang, it got better. Shading down both sides was what it needed. Then I scribbled lips. Dang, they came out pretty good too.

Why can't I draw like this when I'm trying????

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