Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hold My Purse

Outside every women's dressing room across the nation there is a beleaguered husband holding a purse. He will have an expression of resignation, exasperation, or a thousand yard blank stare. He is loosely holding the purse; not too tightly for fear someone might think it his. He knows this is a thing all men must suffer for the love of their woman.

I don't go shopping with Hubby, but I do ask him to chauffer me around to go sketching. This is my dear Hubby, sitting in the car, with the "Hold My Purse" look waiting on me to finish a sketch. He's staring blankly into nothingness, not even listening to the radio. He's a big ol' sweetie even though he is a little impatient.

Process notes:
I did this sketch from a photo. I wanted to try to capture the different colored reflections on the roof, door and windshield. I also needed to practice drawing a face. I think I did OK with the car, but Hubby's face looks too cartoony. I think the black ink lines are too severe. I tried adding some brown for contour but it didn't help any. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

When I showed this to Hubby he was *so* tickled I had drawn him. Then he got a sad look on his face and asked, "Do I really look that old?"


polusladkaia said...

Dear Ms. Speck, I found you on Flickr and followed to your blog. Don't know you, but I know I like you. You made me laugh out loud twice now in one minute. Thank you!
Love the bunny slippers as well as your attitude toward life and art!

Speck said...

P. - Thanks! If my warped view of the world elicits just one hearty LOL I've justified my oxygen consumption for the day. :)