Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chelsea Waits and Watches

My antique kitty Chelsea has become quite the Velcro cat lately. She follows me around like a puppydog. When I sit on the porch in the evening she sits by the door waiting and watching for my return. I don't know what's gotten into her lately. It's very uncatlike behavior.

Process notes:
I broke out my PITT brush pen on this one, trying to get to a good place with it. I'd say this was a Fail. I'm too heavy-handed with it. Must work on that.

As I watched Chelsea through the glass storm door I was struck by the play of the warm interior light framed by the stark blackness of the night. I wanted to try and capture that.

I don't think I got the frame of the "blackness of the night" quite black enough. I fiddled with the scanned image to see if darkening the border would help. It looked worse, so here it is as painted.

Posting the successes as well as the failures.

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