Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day at the Farm

After two days of cooking and two hours of driving, we finished Thanksgiving dinner in 15 minutes...that's including dessert. Half the womenfolk went to see a scary movie and the other half adjourned to the sun porch for naps.

The boys went outside to ride on their big-boy toys. All four have a riding toy this year. Hubby decided three idiots on wheels was plenty, so he opted to cut brush with the jetpack weedwhacker with the medieval blade. It's a nasty looking thing.

Two brothers were riding things with leaf sweepers. They would make a round and dump the leaves in front of the fire. The brother on the tractor would scoop up them up to make a ginormous pile. It would have been a ginormous fire too if the leaves hadn't been so wet. They smoked and smoldered all day.

Today I am thankful for this wonderfully quirky family and the privilege to be part of it for another year.

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