Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Another Day at the Farm

Deer season is open in Lower Arkansas. Yard dogs are having a grand time with the leavings.

Don't mean to gross anybody out, but this was my day...dead deer to cookies.


Nava said...

Dead deer, cookies and sheetrocking in between - quite a wide spectrum! :-)

Love your sketching and writing style!!

Lynn said...

I enjoyed your comment that a journal is a record of daily life, not gallery quality art. That's so true! Keep drawing, your journal is unique and charming!

Trish said...

Your posting about your journal being a record of daily life and not gallery quality art, really struck a chord with me. Most of the time I don't write/draw in my journal is because I feel my skills are not worthy of a moleskine. You have given me the kick in the pants to just get in there and do it. Hopefully my skills will improve as you said yours did.

freebird said...

I remember a time when I lived in a small town in Minnesota. Being a California suburb kind of girl, I was shocked and grosed out when some dogs left a deer head on my front walk. They'd brought it from the meat market a half block away. I called them up to come and get it and they laughed at me. My neighbor saw it and took pity on me! I didn't feel like cookies for at least 1/2 an hour!!

I really enjoyed your page! You did a great job on the deer head (speaking from my own memory).

Speck said...

Thanks y'all for the nice comments.

Lynn & Trish - It was intimidating at first to see all the great artwork of the other EDMers. That plus my perfectionistic tendencies locked me up and I couldn't draw at all. It was tough to overcome all of that. It took a change in attitude to once again have fun with a pen and paints.

And Trish, the more you draw the better your skills will become and the happier you will be drawing. Your moly will record your progress for you. It won't mind if you're not Monet right now. Trust.

Freebird - Bless your neighbor! There's a lot of culture shock going from big city life to country living. Glad your experience didn't put you off your cookies too long. :)